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Generally described as a population of less than 50,000, the beauty of "rural" is that it's all over the map!  Not only is rural in every state, but its degrees vary a great deal.  You may only be able to support one surgeon or have a catchment area that can support a sizable group of surgeons in a variety of specialties.  Though you may be by the ocean, surrounded by vast plains or mountains, you are not alone!


Specific To:

The Calling of Rural Surgery

Teaser shown at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress, Chicago 2012.

CODE BLUE: Resuscitating Rural Surgery

Helpful Organizations

Video shared at American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress, Chicago 2015.

National Rural Health Association

NRHA has over 20,000 members and strives to provide leadership on rural issues.


     NRHA Endorses Save Rural Hospitals Act

American College of Surgeons

Established in 1913, this surgical society is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of surgical care.


     SRGS Rural Surgery Issue

National Rural Health Resource Center

A nonprofit organization that provides technical assistance, tools and resources to improve health care in rural communities.

American Medical Association

Provides our government recommendations to improve American health.

     Accelerating Change in Medical Education

Interesting Links

A video from 26th Rural Health Policy Institute in Washington D.C.

American College of Surgeons on the General Surgeon shortage.

American Medical Association Alliance

Network of physicians and their spouces on both state and national levels.     AccelState Alliances

Rural General Surgery Coalition

A network of well-informed and action-oriented folks looking to solidify the access to general surgery for rural populations.  E-mail Jonathan Sprague to join!

Rural Health Information Hub

Information, opportunities and resources on rural health, funded by Federal Office of Rural Health Policy.

     Comprehensive Rural Health: Where is the General Surgeon?

     Rural Response to the Opioid Crisis

ABC News story on the surgeon shortage.

 *The Rural Surgeons Film Project is in not an affiliate of any these organizations.  If there's a resource you would like us to add, please send us an e-mail.

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