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Show as a Fundraiser

Is your small hospital foundation or nonprofit looking to spice up their traditional dinner auction or casino night fundraiser?  Maybe you’d just like to add a special event to collect funds for a new MRI or other equipment?  Using our film, Code Blue: Resuscitating Rural Surgery, as a fundraising event is a great way to change things up!


How much will it cost?

  • $150 secures the licensing rights to show our film & keep 100% of what you make!  Our hometown cinema was really excited to help us schedule a screening; they sold a ton of concessions & allowed us to keep all of our ticket sales.  They even handled the ticketing!

  • Example of Our Licensing Agreement

  • Want to run it for a week or weekend?  Great!  $50 per additional day, or $250 for the week!



How much can we make?

  • Sky’s the limit!  By showing at our local cinema, we were aloud to set our own ticket price (casual or formal event  – charge as you like!)  We had a $0 budget for catering, venue, chairs and other rentals that go along with hosting a meal. We also got some bonus marketing through our local cinema’s website, social pages & regular newspaper print ad! 

  • Is your surgeon (or a surgeon from a neighboring community) in the movie?  There’s nothing we love more than a good collaboration!  Special guest to speak & sign autographs often increase attendance.



What else is included?

  • Free templates for marketing materials including our Code Blue: Resuscitating Rural Surgery movie poster!

  • Ideas to help you make the most of your event!

    • Hold your silent auction in the lobby. 

    • Host a Q & A with your hospital board afterward to help your community feel involved & informed.

    • There's more where those came from!

  • Your event will be added to our “Find a Screening” page & social media as well!



How can we watch the film to see if it’s a good match for our ethos?



We’re in!  What’s next?

  • Fill in the blanks below!

  • We’ll send you a licensing agreement to sign.

  • You Sign & Pay for License

  • We’ll get back to you with personalized materials!

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