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The Project

The Rural Surgeons Film Project is a campaign to bring awareness to just how important rural surgery is to both American health care and economy.  Our goal is to actively promote access to quality healthcare for the 60 million Americans living in rural areas.


The Rural Surgeons Film Project includes a feature-length documentary (Code Blue: Resuscitating Rural Surgery), a 6-minute recruitment video for rural surgery (The Calling of Rural Surgery), an online resource for education and improvement, and a turn-key fundraiser to involve local communities.


Filming kicked off June 2, 2012.  We are now completed in 2019!


Thank you for helping to reach our 













Special Thanks to:


Donna Glasford Corrado

Peter Corrado

Linda Rosenthal

Dr. & Mrs. Danny Robinette

Melissa Corrado

John & Linda Carlson

The Jacksons

Mr. & Mrs. Erik Debruin

Fadia & Ted Williamson

Jason & Charlotte Corrado

Ben Ellebracht

Cathy & George Hollister

J Patrick Walker MD


Thanks to:


Pat Tracy

Homer & Clementine Hume

Mike Berge

Dan Haskins

Alyse Kuhlman

Dave Paige

Michelle Piole

Connie Maxwell Cox

Daniel & Kara Norman

Michael Potts

Corey Woodruff

Mr. Jim Jerome




Campfire Cassettes

James Gordon

Chris & Amy Nord

Jana Giger & Jeremy Nation

Parish Vaidya, MD

Kayla Watanabe

Darcy Pumphrey

Clare Murray Adams

Chris R. Brown

Jamie Hawkins

Erin & Tony Blaeser

Sarah E. Fleming

Saiid & Melissa Fayad

​We made a local newspaper!

Click Here to read The Vandalia Leader article.

The Producer/Director

Meredith Corrado has been working in film and television since 2004.  Her first job was in Chicago, coordinating a DVD extra for Universal Studios.  From there, she assisted on a documentary feature about George A. Romero.  In 2005, Meredith moved out to Hollywood and continues to work on feature films, television shows, and commercial spots for such companies as Warner Brothers, Disney, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, Spike, Playboy, History Channel, and Starz.

The Company

Founded in April 2008, Corrado Studios has produced marketing videos, music videos, additional content for a video game, and a conference DVD for a nonprofit organization.  We are so excited to share our feature film Code Blue: Resuscitating Rural Surgery!

More importantly to this project, Meredith grew up in Mexico, Missouri (which she still calls home).  Her father is a general and vascular surgeon still in practice there.  She sees the challenges he faces recruiting to and practicing in a rural area.  Meredith believes it's high time she work on something she really cares about: something that can make a difference for her community.

Link to Meredith's credits on the Internet Movie Database.

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